man-walkingAfter sixty-nine years I have decided to write a series of blog posts to share my thoughts, opinions and sentiments about inspired writings published by Bartley House Publications.  My fifty plus years as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and an educator has witnessed my creation of many sermons, devotional series, academic papers, plays and skits, accreditation documents and more. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit led me in the hearing and acting upon inspired thoughts, scenarios, and visions of which most of my writings are based. I believe that when the Holy Spirit inspires us in delivering a sermon, poem, song, articles, or other types of expressive media; that they are not to be delivered just one time, but as often as, whenever as and wherever as the Holy Spirit urges that expression to be made. Please join me on this journey made possible by cyber technology. I am no longer able to stand for long periods of time to deliver a sermon. I had to give up pastoring churches due to my physical health. But, I don’t believe that the Holy Spirit is finished with my service to Him.  I am still able to hear and meditate upon what I perceive are inspired thoughts, opinions, and sentiments given by the Holy Spirit. Further, I am able to take those inspired muses and create an inspirational product that can bless others.