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Our Core Values – 1

The shaping of Bartley House Publications’ operational philosophy, core values have been developed which guides the business and its partners in its fulfillment each part of our institutional philosophical statement.  Core Values serves as the foundation for institutional operations, programs, and activities.

Bartley House Publications has identified 14 core values for which each authors shall incorporate into their writings.

  • The Bible & Its Authority: BHP values the essence of the original, inspired Word of God.  God reveals Himself and His will through the Word and the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.  The Word is reliable and powerful. It shall be the final authority for all our beliefs and practices. The Word is the bases for biblical scenarios that grounds authors in accurate biblical doctrine through academic quality that will give relevance in their world, in Christian service, ministry, and in daily living. Bartley House Publications strives to present the essence of God’s Word with integrity and authority so our patrons will know the living Christ and Christ Followers shall mature in Him.
  • The Global Church:  BHP values the Church that was founded by Jesus Christ. The Church is God’s instrument for all things spiritual and temporal. The church is God’s primary source of glory and His means of reaching out to mankind. The Church is our context for ministry training, for edification, for reaching the world; both locally and globally, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Great Commission & Great Commandment: BHP values Jesus’ Great Commission (passion) and Great Commandment (love) which focuses upon Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, Worship, and Ministry. “God so loved the world” and “Go and make disciples” are the framework around which BHP’s philosophy, goals, objective, and methodology is focused.
  • Ministry/Service:  BHP values God’s calling of the servant leader (authors) in their chosen field of ministry.  A sensitivity to the needs of others and being conscientious in dealing with them is of paramount importance.  They must possess relational building skills geared to a diverse population. Additionally, they must have the heart to serve people in their brokenness and the discernment to effectively apply God’s Word to life’s diverse situations. Authors will be challenged to identify and develop their spiritual giftedness and provided opportunities to apply their spiritual gifts (First Peter 4:10-11).
  • Spiritual Dynamics:  BHP values the effective working of the Holy Spirit in the author’s lives and ministries, as well as in corporate gatherings. The ongoing experience of God’s presence both corporately and individually provides the atmosphere for Spirit inspired writing, teaching and ministry. By utilizing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, study of the Word, and building relationships, one should exemplify the fruit of the Spirit. BHP maintains that a Spirit-filled life embodies spiritual gifts that were/are/will be available to believers for power in writing and ministry in the past, in the present, and in the future.
  • Biblical Character:  BHP values the biblical mandate which purports that servants of Christ (authors) must live by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. Bartley House Publications maintains that the classical virtues of wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope, and love are exemplified by the life of Christ.  Believers should submit their will to God, to be set aside for His purpose. Jesus Christ, in perfect humility, taught us first to love God and then to love our neighbors as ourselves.BHP’s Code of Author Conduct reflects and encourages these values as do our hiring practices and writing criteria (John 13:15).
  • The Individual:   BCC values the individual. Prejudices of any kind is not tolerated on the campus of Bridges. The College values all members of BCC community with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing their valuable contributions to the whole of the community. Bridges Christian College practices an open acceptance of others. The development and maintenance of self-esteem, personal worth,  individual value and a moral and ethical character are among BCC’s sacred foundational principles for interaction with the individual.  Each individual shall be accorded the right of respect, dignity, ethical behavior, and personal worth.  BCC maintain that the whole person consists of the spirit, the soul (mind), and the body.  Therefore, a holistic approach toward a biblical education is used in helping the individual reach God’s best for our lives.
  • Sanctity of Life:   BHP values human life. Bartley House Publications maintains that all life comes from and sustained by God, the Creator; therefore, life is a precious gift and must be respected by all.