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Our Core Values – 2

Bartley House Publications has identified 14 core values for which each authors shall incorporate into their writings. The following is a continuation of our 14 core values:

  • Integrity:   Godly character is the only proven platform for ministry influence. We serve with integrity to foster a climate of righteousness and accountability in all relationships. Harnessing one’s life resources with personal integrity and discipline increases ministry effectiveness.  A heart and life that is fully surrendered to God becomes one’s most treasured instrument.
  • Christian Worldview:  Bartley House Publications values and maintains that a broad base of academic knowledge is fundamental to becoming an educated person who effectively reasons and interacts in society. At the center of a Christian view of life and the world is the premise that mankind and the universe in which they live were created by the God revealed in Scriptures. God is the source of all truth, not just religious truth; and the Bible provides the basis for the ordering of all knowledge. The authors associated with Bartley House Publications shall integrates thought and life across a broad biblical/theological academic range and fosters in their readers a lifelong appreciation for the independent value of learning and knowing (Proverbs 1:7 and Luke 2:52).
  •  Servant Leadership:  BPH values the example set within the Christ model for the servant-leader.  The Servant-Leader must learn to serve Jesus Christ and His Church, encourages each other and the world-at-large with excellence, humility, and a submissive attitude so that all leadership avenues clearly recognizes the worth of each individual before God.   Bartley House Publications value servant leadership that focuses upon achieving our mission and remaining true to its biblical foundation.  BPH believe that servant leadership is the only model of leadership that ultimately glorifies Jesus Christ, the head of the Church.
  • A Moral/Ethical/Holy Life: Bartley House Publications believes that God calls His people to strive to live in alignment with His character and will. BPH values the highest of holy, ethical and moral standards because we believe this is the code of conduct that is established in Scriptures for those who call themselves Christ Followers. It is Bartley House Publications’ belief that a person can obtain these high biblical standard, not through human effort alone, but by the work of the Holy Spirit through the process of sanctification.  “Be ye holy” is not an archaic phrase that is to be relegated to the church of past generations, but is just as relevant today.  Holiness is the expected lifestyle of God’s children regardless of a person’s culture.  Holiness goes far beyond the issue of ethics and morality; however, these things are an integral part of a holiness lifestyle.  It is our belief that a person is to be honest in all matters of life.  A person is to honor all promises and vows made, including payment of debts. The development of a Christ-like character is of more value that many successful achievements.
  • Excellence in Education and Intellectual Development: Responsible Christian discipleship involves bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. BPH maintains that God deserves the best.  Bartley House Publications encourages its authors to train the mind through rigorous programs of study designed to enhance knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and shape biblical worldview. Fervency is no substitute for quality.  Therefore, Bartley House Publications values the notion of not just doing what is expected but going above and beyond the standard expectations for our authors to provide excellence in their works for which our readers are seeking.
  • The Global Community and Diversity:   Every person bears God’s image and is loved by Him. The BHP community purposes to reflect this biblical perspective in all relationships and to value each individual in light of this truth. Bartley House Publications values ministry that is relational, building a genuine sense of community that is united through trust in the living God.  In Christ, believers from diverse cultures and backgrounds are one body.