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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answer to some frequently asked questions:

1.    Do you publish anything other than books

Bartley House Publications publishes in a variety of formats, including audiobook and eBooks.

2.   How can I be added to your mailing list?

To receive our newsletter go to the Contact Us tab. Fill in your personal information and email address. In the Comments box ask to be included on our MAILING LIST to receive our newsletter and other promotional media. Your privacy is very important to us. See our Privacy Policy under the tab “About Us” then “Policies”. We, Bartley House Publications (BPH), are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

3.    There are problems with the books I ordered. What do I do?

The Bartley House Publications support team stands ready to resolve problems with your orders. If you ordered from our site, please use the Contact Us for to resolve your order problem, or reply to the order acknowledgment e-mail you received after placing your order. Please explain the problem in the email. For speedy processing, please have your order information ready when you call.

4.     Do you publish books in foreign languages

No, Bartley House Publications titles are available only in the English language.

5.    I’m looking for books from a specific author. What do I do?

 Currently, Bartley House Publications only carries the books of Rev. Leslie E. Bartley, Ph.D. We plan to include other authors in the future.  Please visit our website again for a current list of authors.

6.    Where can I find author biography information?

There is a complete biography provided for Rev. Leslie E. Bartley, Ph.D. on the “About Us” tab.

7.     How can I find your upcoming books that haven’t been released?

By “clicking” on the “Future Publications tab on the main menu, you will be able to find our upcoming books

8.    Does Bartley House Publications provide order delivery through the mail?

No.  All of our products are in a digital format, therefore orders are processed through an online system.

9.   How can a customer contact a BHP representative about a product or order?

All communication between our customers and our representative is through email.  Go to the Welcome tab on this website and press the Contact Us item.  Fill out the form and submit it to us.  You will receive a response as soon as possible, usually within the first day after you form reaches our Customer Service Team.

10.   Are books numbered?

No. Many books are read on a tablet or computer.  Page formatting is usually skewed in digital works, therefore it is better not to number pages. Some e-readers indicates the progress of a book in percentage read.  Example:  Look at a Kindle book.  As book is in digital formatting there are no pages.

11.   What experience does you team have on the US publishing scene?

Dr. Bartley has been writing in the educational field since the 1960’s.  He is better known for his work in writing accreditation documents for public schools and bible college.  He has also written several books in the biblical, theology, and applied Christian living fields.  He is currently working on a children series called Princess Katz’s Adventures.

12.   What payment method does Bartley House Publications use for customer orders?

BHP only uses PayPal to process customer orders.  Customers may secure a PayPal account at www.paypal.com. You may configure your account for PayPal to debit your bank account or a credit card.