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Words and Colors From God

Author:  Leslie E. Bartley, PhDTitle Page - 1

Theological and biblical dogma will not be found in the pages of this book – Words and Colors From God. The purpose for writing this book was to offer a publication of inspiration that sets out to encourage and edify the reader. The author believed that to meet the book’s purpose required five specific components – a positive mindset, a daily message, a daily inspiring picture, meditation, and daily journaling.

It is critical that the reader begins his daily experience with a positive mindset. You should determine, within your spiritual man, that you will approach the activities set forth in this book with enthusiasm and an excited, curious mind.

Expect the Holy Spirit to quicken your spirit with a truth which is inspirited by the daily message.  Also allow the Spirit to also quicken your eyes with thoughts gleaned from the beautiful and awesome colored pictures.  Each daily message is credited by its author. Keep in mind the one who is speaking to you through words and colors.

You may also desire to record your thoughts about the messages and colors within the daily inspirational picture.

eBook – 12.95