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Rev. Leslie E. Bartley’s Background

Pastor Bartley preaching Sunday morning at the newly revitalized Assemblies of God church in West New York, NJ.

Ministerially, Dr. Leslie E. Bartley has been an evangelist, pastor of eight churches, a foreign missionary, Christian educator, and is now a semi-retired US missionary. Dr. Bartley was first introduced to foreign missions through a missions trip to Panama, sponsored by the Louisiana District Assemblies of God Youth Ministries in 1972.  He further extended his ministry into Mexico while pastoring in Bullard, TX from 1975 to 1982.

Leslie E. Bartley helped in the establishing of a church in Natchitoches, LA while he earned a BA degree at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA.

Among the first graduates of the Assemblies of God Bible College in Jamaica, WI

The Bartley’s have pioneered churches in Jamaica and Louisiana.  They have also accepted the challenge of revitalizing four churches, bring them to a level of stability and growth.

Leslie and Frances Bartley spent eight years in Jamaica, WI, ministering throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

They have spent the past 27 years as US missionaries, working in Arizona, New Jersey, Louisiana, and East Texas. Their ministry resided in urban centers across the United States where they engaged in educational and pastoral duties.



Leslie and Frances Bartley currently minister to urban senior adults, providing counseling services and a monthly fellowship meal and activities.

Praying for Their Needs during Worship Service at “A Senior’s Moment” ministry at their monthly, first Saturday Fellowship Dinner

In addition, Dr. Bartley also help bible colleges with their accreditation processes.  To date Dr. Bartley has helped one public school, one foreign mission bible college and three US bible college with their accreditation processes.

Attached to this tab is a photo gallery featuring some of the Bartley family ministry endeavors.

Dr. Leslie E. Bartley

Pastor Leslie E. Bartley, Ph.D.


             US Missionary, Rev. Leslie E. Bartley